2016 League of Legends North American All-Star picks – NA’s dream team

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2016 League of Legends North American All-Star picks – NA’s dream team

The results are in, and the fans have decided the players who will represent North America and Team Fire (alongside LCK and IWC) at the 2016 League of Legends All-Star event in Barcelona, Spain, starting on December 8th.

Top: Impact
Jungle: Reignover
Mid: Bjergsen
ADC: Doublelift
Support: Aphromoo

Each player chosen was, at one point in time during the NA LCS, hailed as the best in their position. While we can only dream of sending a squad of this caliber to Worlds, we are treated to a small taste of their potential during this year’s exciting All-Star bout.

Impact – TOP DIE! Impact was arguably NA’s best top laner during the Summer Split of NA LCS. Able to perform well even with limited resources as well as go hard on carry-style champions, Impact was a crucial member for Cloud 9’s run into Worlds this year and will be a force to be reckoned with especially with a jungler like Reignover by his side. Speaking of our favorite jungler..

Reignover – Reignover’s legacy nearly always ran alongside his duo partner from Fnatic, Huni, as they both were known to smash through opposition with sheer brute force ganking and carry champions. Although Huni has been known to tilt as of late, this time, Reignover has former World Champion Impact controlling the top lane. If this world-class Korean duo has the synergy to perform alongside one another, it will be a spectacular show to watch at this year’s All-Stars event.

Bjergsen – Sometimes known as “Faker of the West,” Bjergsen has had yet another stellar split, and this nomination was hardly a surprise. Bjergsen has dominated NA’s midlane since his arrival in the U.S., and shines on assassin champions. If the patch for the All-Stars event includes the current assassin meta, watch for solo kills coming from NA’s midlane king.

Doublelift – Consistently one of the more popular players, while unfortunately being fairly inconsistent on the big stage, Doublelift is coming in guns blazing to play just one more event during his “break” from professional play. Being the other half of the TSM shotcalling duo, Doublelift will look to reignite his synergy with his former lane partner Aphromoo.

Aphromoo – Known for playmaking champions and being a rock in CLG’s roster through the years, Aphromoo was once famously known alongside Doublelift as the “Rush Hour” botlane. Will he rediscover the chemistry with his former teammate or will the lane be a liability for the team?

On paper, this is a squad of dreams for NA, as they look poised to take the All-Star event by storm. Will NA choke on the international stage again or will they help lead the rest of Team Fire to another victory in 2016? Let us know what you think and leave a response below!

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