6.87 Carry Luna Guide

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6.87 Carry Luna Guide

What agility carry can farm like crazy and carry in late game, but still have a strong early and mid-game presence? And also has one of the most iconic ultimates and passive skills in the game? Luna the Moon Rider.

Although Luna has not been a particularly popular carry for some time, especially during the reign of Invoker, OD, and Spectre during patch 6.86, things are quickly changing. With her agility per level buffed from 2.8 to 3.3 in 6.87, now is a great time to play this classic Agi carry once again.


Lucent Beam

Calls a beam of lunar energy down upon an enemy, damaging and briefly stunning them.

Lucent Beam is one of the best nukes in the game, and gives Luna good early-game presence despite being a carry. Thanks to its high damage and low cooldown, you can use this nuke to harass enemy heroes out of the lane, interrupt channeling skills, and pick up kills.

Moon Glaive

Empowers Luna’s glaive, causing her attacks to bounce between enemy units. Deals less damage with each bounce.Empowers Luna’s glaive, causing her attacks to bounce between enemy units. Deals less damage with each bounce.

Glaive is Luna’s signature carry passive, allowing you to farm and push very easily, as well as increase your damage during team fights to offset your short attack range. You should hold off on leveling glaives until you start jungling and killing stacked Ancients.

Lunar Blessing

Increases the damage dealt by attacks from Luna and nearby allied heroes. Luna is also blessed with increased vision range at night.

Blessing is an effective carry aura that also gives you a slight vision boost during nighttime to help land your ultimate.


Showers random nearby enemies with strikes from Luna’s current level of Lucent Beam. These beams do not stun their targets, and there is a maximum number of times that a single target can be struck. Also turns day into night for 10 seconds.

A great team fight ultimate that can also be used to pick off enemy heroes that position themselves poorly without any other nearby enemies.

Skill Build

Luna’s skill build is fairly straightforward. Unless you’re trying to pick up a kill at the 0:00 bounty rune, you should get Lunar Blessing at level one, and then max your Lucent Beam, picking up your ult at 6.

The only major variation is when to start leveling Moon Glaive – typically, you should start taking it at level 8, but you can also max your Lunar Blessing first if you don’t need Glaives to help you farm. Glaives are only necessary when you start to heavily farm the jungle, particularly a stacked Ancient camp, so don’t level it until that point.


Luna 6.87 skill build.

Position & Role

Luna is typically played as the safe lane carry. Similar to Anti-Mage, Luna is a carry that can farm incredibly fast and then dominate team fights in the mid and late game, before the other carries catch up. Although you can also certainly go mid with Luna, she is very susceptible to ganks before level 6, and that will also mean switching up your playstyle to be more team fight and gank oriented.


Starting Items

There are 2 main options for starting items. If you want to build Ring of Aquila later on, then you should start out with:

  • Ring of Protection
  • Tangos
  • Circlet
  • Health Potion

If you don’t want to build Aquila, then go for 2 Slippers of Agility, Tangos, and a Health Potion.

Whether or not to go Ring of Aquila is entirely up to personal preference; it will slightly slow down how fast you get your Core items, but will also allow you to spam your Lucent Beam more often and slightly beef up your stats. Personally I prefer to skip it most games, unless I see the enemy picking very aggressive heroes with lots of stuns and nukes.

Early Game

After you pick up your boots, you can either finish off your Ring of Aquila, or go straight for the core items.

Core Items

Power Treads

Given Luna’s incredibly high base movement speed (330), you will want to opt for Power Treads over Phase Boots. Plus, switching the boots to strength really helps your survivability early on, and you can farm faster thanks to the extra attack speed.

Helm of the Dominator

HotD is absolutely amazing on Luna for several reasons – you have high damage, so the lifesteal is very strong; the extra armor helps you survive; and you can mind control a creep to allow you to stack the Ancient camp to farm later with Moon Glaive.

If your lane is going really well, you can even pick HotD up before you finish your Treads and immediately mind control a creep to start stacking the Ancient camp.

Stack the ancients with your creep by attacking at around 53 second and running away.

Stack the ancients with your creep by attacking at around 53 second and running away.

Manta Style

Manta is another item that is perfect for Luna – it gives you stats to survive and even more Agility; the illusions retain your Moon Glaive effect; and extra movement speed on top of your already fast hero. Be sure to use Manta to help you farm and push lanes quickly, and don’t forget that you can also dispel some effects with it, such as slows and silences.

Black King Bar

Although Luna has good armor thanks to her agility, your hero is still very squishy, and given your attack range of 330, you have to be close to the enemy. BKB is absolutely essential to help you survive in team fights and get off a good ultimate.


Aghanim’s Scepter

Luna’s Scepter effect was changed in 6.86, making the beams cast twice as fast from 0.6 seconds to 0.3, addition to being able to cast it on a teammate. Although this effect is fairly powerful, Aghanim’s is still a situational item on Luna; you should only consider picking it up if you’re going solo mid or if your team is playing aggressively and wants to push and team fight early on.



Even more agility, damage, evasion to counter the enemy carries, and a movement speed active? Sign me up.

Monkey King Bar

MKB is a solid choice if you really need to boost your damage, particularly if you’re up against heroes with evasion like Phantom Assassin.


Similar to MKB, going crit is another good choice for Luna, since you really have to beef up your attacks to make up for their short range.


Luna is one of the best heroes in the game to get Satanic on, because you have inherently high damage and attack speed, allowing you to heal very quickly with the active effect. Plus it also makes you beefier with even more health and lifesteal.

Boots of Travel

BoTs are a good replacement for Treads late game, when it gets more difficult to push lanes and defend your base, and you really need that 6th slot for another item.

Moon Shard

Once you’re 6 slotted and still have way more gold than you know what to do with, picking up and consuming a Moon Shard is a good way to further boost your damage.

Stacking Ancients

Moon Glaive makes it very easy to farm a stacked Ancient camp.

Moon Glaive makes it very easy to farm a stacked Ancient camp.

Stacking is a very big part of a successful Luna game, and unless you have a very friendly support player in your game, chances are you’ll have to do it yourself. Be sure to mind control a creep as soon as you pick up your HotD, and send it straight to the Ancient camp. You should pull at around 53 seconds if using a melee creep, and 53-54 if ranged; continue stacking every minute, and don’t forget to restack after you clear it.

You should typically start killing the Ancient stacks at anywhere between level 8 and 12, depending on how easy it is to farm in your lane and how quickly you’re picking up your core items. You can get away with killing the Ancients with nothing but your Treads and Helm, although ideally you want to have your Yasha by this point.

As for actually killing the camp, pull it back to the point where the creeps start running back to the camp after attacking you once; from here, you can continuously aggro the creep camp back to you thanks to the Moon Glaive bounce, while avoiding most of the damage.


Just like any safelane carry, your main goal is to farm gold as quickly as possible while staying alive, going for kills only if there’s a good opportunity. Make sure to use your Beam to harass the enemy heroes out of the lane once it’s rank 2 or higher. Pick up Moon Glaive as soon as you feel like you’re unable to safely farm in the lane and need to start mixing in some jungling. Once you hit 6, be sure to have a teleport scroll on hand in case your teammates need help at one of your towers, but prioritize farming otherwise.

A typical luna teamfight engagement - you want to get in close range before using your ultimate and then finishing off any survivors with auto attacks and Lucent Beam.

A typical Luna teamfight engagement – you want to get in close range before using your ultimate and then finish off any survivors with auto attacks and Lucent Beam.

The only exception to your “rice all day” rule is if you’re playing mid or your team is playing aggressively and forcing team fights very early, in which case you can start to roam together with them beginning at 6 and consider building Aghanim’s Scepter to boost your ult.

Continue farming and stacking the Ancients until you pick up your Manta, at which point you can consider taking a more active role in team fights and ganks, or waiting until you get your BKB. From there on, it’s a standard mix of farming, pushing, teamfighting, and killing Roshan.

Tips & Tricks

  • Eclipse can easily kill an isolated enemy hero at level 6; if there’s no other enemy units nearby, it will strike the same target up to 5 times
  • During team fights, wait to use Eclipse until several enemy heroes are nearby and unlikely to escape
  • Moon Glaives can allow you to continually aggro neutral creep camps from far away without having to take much damage; simply pull a camp, run a short distance away, and then attack right as they’re about to return to the camp
  • Switch Power Treads to intelligence before casting skills, to agility for farming, and to strength for teamfights


Luna may not the most powerful carry in the 6.87 meta, but the agility buff and nerfs to other heroes certainly makes her a lot more competitive. And with the ability to farm incredibly quickly, you can participate in team fights and score kills much earlier than most carries, while still being very strong in the late game.

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