Arc Warden picked for the first time in competitive Dota 2

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Arc Warden picked for the first time in competitive Dota 2

Arc Warden was picked for the first time in competitive play yesterday as top Dota 2 teams Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid collided in the group stage of DotaCinema’s Captain’s Draft 3.0 tournament.

Clinton “Fear” Loomis picked up Arc Warden for the safe lane, supported by Peter “ppd” Dager playing Ancient Apparition.

Team Liquid had the advantage in the early game, leading 11 to 3 kills by 14 minutes, but EG clawed their way back, winning a major team fight and scoring a double kill for Arc Warden.

Once he had his Necronomicon level 3 and Boots of Travel completed, Fear spent most of the game split pushing lanes, while the rest of EG diverted Liquid’s attention. The game was still relatively even until Fear purchased his first Divine Rapier at 27 minutes, at which point EG took the clear lead.

Using Divine Rapier on Arc Warden has been a very popular strategy, since it can be used on Warden’s Tempest Double illusion without any danger of losing the item. Meanwhile, you can use the main hero to continue safely farming on your side of the map, as Fear did for the next 10 minutes. He also bought a BKB to make sure his illusion would not be crowd controlled while pushing and picking up kills.

Fear picked up a second Divine Rapier at 37 minutes, and the game ended before the 40 minute mark with Fear destroying the remaining buildings in Liquid’s base. Arc Warden ended the game with a score of 8 / 2 / 7 and 792 GPM. As of now, Warden’s competitive win-rate is officially 100%!

You can check out the entire match below:

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