CS:GO receives record breaking fan made CO-OP map

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CS:GO receives record breaking fan made CO-OP map

CS:GO has been considered for a while a titan in the Online FPS genre and while people flock to get the adrenaline rush of 5vs5 on de_Dust2, some people, including myself have always wondered if a liitle bit of Variation would not be a welcome sight once in a while.

Traditionally a competitive game in which a player fights as part of a team of 5 versus another team of 5, CS:GO seems to be going through considerable changes which may have a serious effect on the future of the game.
CTX has just released another custom map via Steam Workshop and right now that map is breaking record after record when it comes to download numbers.
The map provides the CS:GO player with the possibility of a Co-Op experience in which the players can team up to fight zombies, dragons, werewolves and various monsters in a beautifully put together setting.
In order to get the map and have it available for playing all one needs to do is subscribe to CTX’s workshop here and then restart CS:GO.
You will be minutes away from battling undead hordes with the CS:GO arsenal.
With the tremendous success that the map is having, this writer certainly is curious whether or not Valve will add some more playable Co-Op experiences in the future.
Have a look at the trailer for the map:

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