CS:GO Dreamhack rules changed for 2016

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CS:GO Dreamhack rules changed for 2016

The beginning of 2016 has already brought significant changes to one of CS:GO’s most loved competitions. I’m talking about Dreamhack. Changes were announced less than 24 hours ago and we might come to see more events adhering to the changes. Changes come as a result of extensive talks with professional competitive players, event organizers and analysts. Changes are meant  to keep the game as pure as possible, as fast as possible and skill-based as much as possible. Let’s go through the most notable changes and hope for a great Competitive Gaming  year!

CS:GO, Source: icsgo.ru


Round and bomb timer:

The round and bomb timer will be updated as at the end of last year Valve announced that they would change them for all upcoming Valve-supported events (Minors and Majors). To keep them unified across all tournaments we’ll be updating them to the new values. New round time will be 1:55 and the new bomb timer 0:40.

New round time is 1:55 and new bomb timer is 0:40. While after talks and more talks we were all expecting for the timer of smoke grenades to be changed it is the new bomb timer that has been reduced and this will surely have an effect on decision making and plays.


There were quite a few discussions about the deathcam within the last months in the community. After we internally discussed those changes as well as talking about them with players we agreed that it would be time to shorten the deathcam. Therefore we’ll shorten it down to 2 seconds

Deathcam has been a much talked about item for a long time, it may provide a strategical advantage, players have a chance to inform their team about enemy numbers, positions etc. Deathcam has been shortened to 2 seconds. This will force players  to be incedibly precise and accurate should they want to present their team with valuable tactical information.

End of the round delay:

We are also going to change the delay after a new round starts once a round is completed, this will be shorten to 3 seconds.

The delay after a new round starts once a round is completed will now be 3 seconds. This will impact teams only if their shot-calling and planning was done in this interval, spontaneous teams with solid tactics and good communication will not be affected.

Jumpthrow script:

The last change will be the addition of Jumpthrow to the list of forbidden scripts. We have gathered feedback from players and after a voting the results were quite in favor of banning it which we now do.

The list of forbidden scripts grows ever larger with the addition of Jumpthrow. This allowed players to jump and throw a grenade at optimum height. As it was used by a huge number of players this script took some skill out of the game, but now that it is out, players will have to practice and practice and practice to get their throwing on point.

These rules changes will become official imediately and they already apply to the upcoming Dreamhack Leipzig which is set to take place 22-24 January!

The world of E-Sports is and will probably always be ever-changing, players will always have to adapt in order to climb to the top or stay there, changes may not always be something that people welcome, but this is what gamers do, they adapt. Teams will now have to tweak strategies and make changes, some will learn to deal with these changes, some will manage to exploit them and make them work in their favor. No matter what, it is all for the benefit of the fans!

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