6.86 Faceless Void Offlane Guide

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6.86 Faceless Void Offlane Guide

You probably haven’t seen Faceless Void very much in the last few months, and there’s a very good reason for that – the hero had a major overhaul in the December 6.86 Balance of Power patch. Void lost his passive ability to backtrack damage, gained a brand new skill, and his Time Walk is now very different. This had the effect of completely breaking his traditional farm-heavy playstyle and making Void a relatively unpopular pick in the new meta.

However, the patch also opened up a completely new way of playing the hero. In this guide, we’re going to talk about how to play Faceless Void the post-6.86 way. So put away that Mask of Madness and let’s get started.


Time Walk

Rushes to a target location while backtracking any damage taken the last 2 seconds. 24-6 sec cooldown.

The new time walk is basically a combination of his older walk and the backtrack passive. It no longer slows and has much shorter range (550). However, given its incredibly cheap mana cost (40) and low cooldown at rank 4, it gives you a reliable way to reverse any damage taken.

This change is one of the major reasons why Mask of Madness is no longer viable – you have to be active with Time Walk instead of right clicking someone to death and hoping that backtrack procs to keep you alive.

Time Dilation

Faceless Void traps all nearby enemies in a time dilation field for 6-12 sec, freezing their cooldowns and slowing their movement and attack speed for each cooldown frozen. 36-18 sec cooldown.

Every time an enemy hero casts an ability with a cooldown, they get slowed, lose attack speed, and have the cooldown of that skill increased. This ability is especially useful against heroes that like to spam spells with low cooldowns, such as Bristleback or Weaver. Given its large AOE, you can catch all 5 enemy heroes with this skill during team fights. Here’s a useful GIF to show exactly how it works.

Time Lock (Unchanged)

Adds the chance for an attack to lock an enemy unit in time, stunning it and dealing bonus damage.

Not much to say about Time Lock – it has always been one of the best carry passives in the game. Although Void is no longer a hard carry, you can still get a lot out of this skill in the late game after acquiring some attack speed items.

Chronosphere (Unchanged)

Creates a blister in spacetime, trapping all units caught in its sphere of influence and causes you to move very quickly inside it. Only Faceless Void and any units he controls are unaffected. Invisible units in the sphere will be revealed. 130-100 sec cooldown.

Although Chronosphere itself has not changed, the way you use it post-6.86 has. Chronosphere is now less of a “free kill(s) while activating Mask of Madness” skill, and more of a utility spell to set up kills for your teammates.

While you certainly can still solo kill heroes inside of Chronosphere, the changes to Void make it much more of a team-oriented ability. Similar to other heroes with powerful AOE initiation ultimates, you will want to farm while your ult is on cooldown.

Skill Build

Faceless Void’s build is pretty straightforward – you want to max your Time Walk ASAP to help you survive, while picking up only 1 level of Time Lock and Time Dilation until later. The standard build is thus:

facelessvoid skill build

Faceless Void 6.86 build. Source: Dota 2 hero builds.

Position & Role

While Void has been known as the classic hard carry hero for over a decade, his role as an initiator and disabler is now his main job. You can certainly still transition into a carry in the late game, but Void is now less of a one man killing machine and more of a utility hero.

This is also reflected by his ideal laning position – offlane. Void’s new time walk makes him a solid choice for surviving the heavy harassment in offlane, while the safe lane can be better utilized by a proper hard carry.


Starting Items

Considering that you probably won’t get a chance to last hit very often, your items will be focused almost entirely on surviving. You should start out with a stout shield, a stack of tangos, 1-2 branches and either an HP potion or 2 Faerie Fires.

Early Game

Your only absolutely essential items for the early game are Power Treads and Quelling Blade. The 3 items below are entirely optional and depend on how difficult your lane is.

You can upgrade your quelling blade to an Iron Talon to allow you to jungle in the camp next to the secret shop during those times where the enemy creeps are too far away from your tower. Get this if you’re getting harassed out of the lane a lot.

If the enemy lane has annoying ranged heroes, you can also upgrade your stout shield to a poor man’s shield by picking up 2 slippers of agility from the side shop. This will cut down on the basic attack harassment.

Finally, you can also pick up a wand if you’re up against 2-3 heroes that use their spells often.

Core Items

Vladmir’s Offering

The Mask of Madness days are over – you’re a team player now! Vlad’s will boost your survivability and allow you to stay in lane or farm jungle safely, but most importantly fulfill your role as a utility hero by giving your team lifesteal, armor, and mana/health regen.


Hello Vlad’s, goodbye MoM

Blink Dagger

Because Time Walk’s range is only 550, it’s rather difficult to catch multiple heroes with Chronosphere. This is why picking up a Blink Dagger is pretty much mandatory on Void, and will allow you to function much like any other initiation hero – think Earthshaker, Tidehinter, and Enigma.

Aghanim’s Scepter

Chronosphere is Void’s most important ability, even more so after 6.86. A well-executed sphere is one of the most devastating team fight abilities in the game, so boosting it is a no-brainer. Aghanim’s will increase the duration of your sphere to 6 seconds at max level, and decrease the cooldown to only 60 seconds.


Once you’ve built your core, everything else is luxury, since your main job of being the initiator and disabler is now complete. You can now consider transitioning into a late game carry.

Assault Cuirass

Assault is great to pick up on Void because it will allow you to proc Time Lock more often, boost your survivability, and give your teammates yet another useful utility aura.

Sange and Yasha

S&Y is a solid choice on pretty much any agility/strength hero with carry potential. Get this if there aren’t any specific items you absolutely need, like Manta or Linken’s.

Linken’s Sphere

Linken’s is a good pick up against a team that has lots of single-target abilities that can kill or stun you before you can use Time Walk to erase the damage.

Manta Style

Manta is another classic pick up for agility carries, and you should choose either Manta or S&Y, but not both. Because manta can dispel negative effects, it’s best to take for countering things like Orchid of Malevolence’s silence. Also keep in mind that your illusions can attack inside Chronosphere.


Bfly has been amazing on Void all these years, and it’s still a great pick up even after the changes. You get more attack speed for more time locks, the Flutter effect for better mobility, and the evasion to counter carry heroes.


Another great late game pick up on Void, Mjollnir will give you the attack speed boost to proc more time locks, and make you more beefy with the active static charge effect.

Monkey King Bar

MKB is a solid choice if you’re looking to boost your damage, particularly if you’re up against heroes with evasion like Phantom Assassin.

Black King Bar

If you’re up against a lot of magic stuns and burst damage, then BKB is always a solid choice. Choose this over Linken’s if there’s just way too many skills that can lock you down and kill you quickly.

Team Composition

It is very important to communicate with your team about picking Void – after all, you’re going to be reliant on other heroes to help you score kills during Chronosphere, at least until the late game. Heroes that go particularly well with Chronosphere include Skywrath Mage, Invoker, Jakiro, Witch Doctor, Gyrocopter and Ancient Apparition – pretty much any ranged hero with a powerful skill that is more effective when people are standing still. So if your team already picked 2 melee heroes, consider getting something else.


For the first 6 levels, your job is to survive and try to get as much experience and farm as possible – the classic dilemma of the suicide offlaner. Make sure to use time walk any time you take heavy damage, and focus on trying to pick up last hits and denies.

Once you hit level 6 the fun begins. Instead of looking for picking off a single enemy hero by yourself, you will now try to get kills by using Chronosphere together with your teammates. This means asking someone to come to your lane for a kill, or roaming to the other lanes.

When Chrono is on cooldown, you can farm the lanes or jungle, just try not to take farm away from your position 1 hard carry. As the game progresses you will slowly become more and more dangerous on your own, and you can start picking up kills solo with Chronosphere if the match goes to late game.

Tips & Tricks

  • Try to target Chronosphere on enemy heroes with very powerful team-fight ultimates, like Silencer, Omniknight, and Enigma
  • Never trap your teammates inside Chronosphere – a bad Chrono can be as beneficial to the enemy team as it is to yours
  • Switch Power Treads to intelligence before casting skills, to agility for farming, and to strength for teamfights

Here is an example of an excellent Chronosphere in pro play, catching all 5 enemy heroes:


Faceless Void is no longer the crazy Mask of Madness hard carry he used to be, but that doesn’t mean he’s useless. Your ultimate combined with Time Dilation is amazing for team fights, and if the game lasts long enough, you can still transition into a carry and feel the satisfaction of stun locking a support hero to death.

The biggest change is that Faceless is much more of a team player now – particularly in the early and middle stages of the game. So instead of rushing for that Mask of Madness and Maelstrom, put away the carry items until the late game and embrace your newfound role as everyone’s favorite time-manipulating initiator.

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