Dota Pit Tournament Day 1 Results, Na’Vi return in a big way

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Dota Pit Tournament Day 1 Results, Na’Vi return in a big way

The Dota Pit League Season 4 tournament began today in the city of Split, Croatia. The tournament will award almost $ 100,000 for first place, and features some of the best Dota 2 teams in the world: Virtus.Pro, OG, Team Secret, EG, Team Empire, Na’Vi, Complexity, and MVP.Phoenix. The tournament is the first LAN event to test Na’Vi’s brand new roster, who proved themselves in a big way with a win over Shanghai Major champions Team Secret.

The first day featured the following series in a best-of-3 elimination format. You can check out all the VODs at the official stream.

Virtus.Pro vs Complexity (0:2)

The tournament started off with Complexity following up their successful run at the Shanghai major with a 2:0 over Virtus.Pro. Although both matches were competitive and went past 40 minutes, Col’s carries ultimately played better.

OG vs MVP. Phoenix (1:2)

As expected, Phoenix employed their famous hyper-aggressive style. OG did manage to take the second game in only 23 minutes, but Phoenix brought things back in game 3 with a dominant performance.

Secret vs Na’Vi (1:2)

Without a doubt the most awaited series of the tournament, Secret vs Na’Vi did not disappoint. Game one was relatively even early on, but Secret got the better end of teamfights and wins the game at 35 minutes. Game two was back and forth, with both teams trading kills and towers. However, Na’Vi managed to secure a big teamfight win and then a Roshan kill late in the match, with Artstyle’s Enchantress getting a Rampage to end the match at 53 minutes.

In the deciding 3rd match things went much better for Na’Vi from the very beginning, securing both bounty runes, getting multiple pickoffs, and getting the first aegis. Na’Vi announced their comeback in a big way with this victory over arguably the best current Dota 2 team.

Na'Vi's Dendi embraces former teammate Puppey following their 2:1 victory over Secret. Source: Twitch sttream.

Na’Vi’s Dendi embraces former teammate Puppey following their 2:1 victory over Secret. Source: Twitch sttream.

EG vs Empire (2:1)

Game one was extremely close, until Empire won a major team fight at 43 minutes, getting 4 kills, forcing a buy back, and picking up aegis and cheese. They followed up with a push that EG could not stop, winning with a final score of 34 kills to 33. Game two saw both teams pick up kills early, but EG slowly started pulling away, eventually doubling Empire’s kills and winning at 28 minutes. Empire seemed poised to take the series in game 3, getting a 16:6 kill lead by 23 minutes until a crucial misstep where both teams were smoked and ran into each other.

The ensuing teamfight saw EG get 3 kills and lose nobody, in part due to a botched Chronosphere by Empire. EG secured the aegis and continued their rapid comeback, pushing Empire’s base at 32 minutes and getting the GG.

Funn1k Leaves Team Empire for Team Spirit

In other news, one of Europe’s best teams, Empire, announced the departure of Gleb “Funn1k” Lipatnikov. The well-known Ukrainian offlane player will be joining another, newer European team – Spirit. This marks the 2nd recent departure from Empire, following Resolut1on’s move to Digital Chaos.

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