DraftKings Review – Leading eSports Betting Platform

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DraftKings Review – Leading eSports Betting Platform

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DraftKings is a fantasy sports betting site that is run by professionals and has been covered by major news sources, like the Wall Street Journal, among others. It has a huge amount of action, bringing about a lot of bets (and a lot of winnings), with the total payout in 2015 alone being over $1 billion USD. On top of this, it also has a great VIP system, which rewards bettors with points that can be used in an in-site store, giving even greater value to playing. Match this up with completely free tournaments, and it makes for a very solid betting experience.


DraftKings prides itself on having major rewards, giving a solid place to make wagers and know that winnings are safe and secure. With over $1 billion to be paid out in 2015, it’s no surprise that there is a lot of action and a lot of potential for bettors to win.

The fantasy sports betting runs daily, ensuring players are not faced with not having anything to bet on. And with tons of tournaments going at any given time, there are more than enough to choose from in each cost range and style.

For players that don’t want to pony up real cash, there are both free and paid tournaments that come with prizes. This allows players to test their skill (and win a little) without any risk, and then a quick transition to the paid tournaments (for bigger prizes) once they’ve locked down on a solid strategy to use when picking teams. Match this up with games that take low stakes, and it’s possible to get a free start and continue building up from there over time.

Support is available from 9 AM to 11 PM EST on Monday-Friday and 10 AM to 7 PM EST on Saturday and Sunday. Support is all handled through an email system, but they are responsive to the requests.


Supported Sports

DraftKings supports League of Legends betting, with tournaments spread out across multiple styles, including:

  • 3 Player
  • 5 Player
  • 25 Player
  • Counter Gank
  • Quarter Arcade
  • First Blood
  • Fast Push
  • Double Up
  • Triple Up
  • Critical Strike
  • Team Fight
  • Tower Dive

Along with all of these choices, it also supports satellite tournaments, which allow cheaper entry into more expensive tournaments for the winners. As for the buy-in amounts, they range from the low end ($0.25) to higher ($100), not including the completely free ones.

All available tournaments run using the fantasy sports setup, where a team is formed and that relates to rankings to determine who picked the best players for each position within the game.

Wager Types

DraftKings supports multiple different wager types, including:

  • Tournament: pays out in a decreasing fashion (i.e., first place gets 30%, second gets 20%, etc.)
  • 50/50: half of the players win and half lose. Winners double their money
  • Multipliers: offers up to 3x the buy-in for winners
  • Satellite: rewards winners with tickets to tournaments with a bigger buy-in
  • 2-25 player: creates a solid player pool to place bets against, with the lowest being head-to-head

Finding a specific type of wager is made extremely easy due to the intuitive filtering system. It helps organize all tournaments by type, giving a clear look as to what is available, what the prizes are and buy-ins cost, and how many others are already entered into each contest.


Visit the Official DraftKings Site Now

Deposits and Withdrawals

DraftKings offers a multitude of deposit options, including:

  • PayPal
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Prepaid Gift Cards (American Express and MasterCard)

Players can also easily increase their deposit limit by contacting support, giving unlimited potential to the deposits made. As for withdrawals, they take between 2-7 days in most cases and are available via either credit card or PayPal, giving a lot of flexibility in how funds are returned. Do note, however, that the first withdrawals is credited the same way as the first deposit was (though any after that can be more flexible).



There are many different free tournaments available, which reward players with real cash that can be used for further betting. Along with this, there is a deposit bonus, which doubles the amount deposited to the account.

For those that play often, there is a VIP store, which offers various rewards that can be obtained by earning FPPs (Frequent Player Points). These are given when making wagers, and add up until prizes are purchased. Items that are available range from apparel and merchandise to tickets to different contests and tournaments. This is a solid reward system that ensures all players are working towards something (even more than their winnings!).

There is a current promotion going on for those that refer friends, which grants one entry into a million-dollar NFL tournament (a $20 value). Other referral contests come out from time to time as well, giving a strong benefit to referring other players.


Visit the Official DraftKings Site Now

Pros and Cons


  • There are many different tournaments going at any given time, along with a lot of choice when it comes to style of betting
  • The interface for the site is clean and responsive, giving a quick and easy look at what all is available and easy access to each area of the site
  • Deposits are available by all major credit cards and PayPal, which covers the needs of just about everyone
  • Withdrawals are very quick, taking at most around 7 days to be sent out (and as few as 2)
  • Free tournaments allow everyone to give e-sports betting a shot and win real cash without the need to risk their own money to do so
  • It’s easy to follow matches in real-time to see how a team is doing, giving more transparency to the game’s events as they continue to unfold


  • The first withdrawal has to go back to the same place where it was received (i.e., the same credit card that was made to make a deposit). In the case of changing credit cards, this can be a hassle
  • Only League of Legends is supported at this time


Visit the Official DraftKings Site Now

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