ECS Invites Teams to be Co-Owners of the League

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ECS Invites Teams to be Co-Owners of the League

Presented by FACEIT and Twitch, The Esports Championship Series is a ground-breaking esports initiative designed with the goal to help esports grow beyond its current state, while respecting the core values of the esports ecosystem and the community. The league has been designed by adapting concepts common in traditional sports to esports, while leveraging the characteristics that are unique to this vertical. Some of these concepts include team co-ownership, protection of players and promotion of all parties involved to increase the value of a common product.

ECS has taken this a step further by Inviting teams to become co-owners in the league. This move, according to ECS will help it in planning Multi-year events. The teams who sign up will essentially become shareholders and will partake in the revenue sharing of the League.

ECS already has a governing body consisting of representatives from the professional scene as well as from the players. This governing body governs the operations of the league and is an important factor in most of the major decisions taken by the league. This call to the teams to become shareholders is undoubtedly also supported by the Governing Body.

According to FaceIT, 13 out of the 20 teams have already signed up to become members. The remaining teams are still in consultations and discussions to work out certain technicalities.

ECS Finals will be held at Anaheim center from December 10-11.The league which will feature four NA teams and four EU teams is one of the most awaited LAN finals of the year.

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