EG advance to finals of Captains Draft 3.0, await winner of Vega vs Alliance

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EG advance to finals of Captains Draft 3.0, await winner of Vega vs Alliance

The Captains Draft 3.0 tournament hosted by DotaCinema is getting close to its end, with EG waiting to face the winner of Vega Squadron vs Alliance in the finals. EG began their run with a dominating performance in the group stage, winning all 3 of their matches. After moving into the winner’s bracket of the tournament, they defeated two elite Russian teams, going 2:1 over Empire in the quarter-final, and 2:0 over Vega Squadron in the semi-final.

Vega had the lead in the first game against EG, until Arteezy picked up an Utrakill on Morphling 22 minutes into the match. EG took slowly took control for the rest of the game, taking down two sets of barracks and getting the GG at 48 minutes.

Game two was relatively even until EG won three team fights back-to-back in the mid-game. Vega just didn’t have the answer to the heavy AOE and single-target damage of EG’s Templar Assassin, Legion Commander, Silencer, Pheonix and Sand King line-up, and were constantly caught in bad positions. Sumail in particular played really well as TA, going 10 / 0 / 8 by the end of the match.

Legendary Swedish team Alliance, on the other hand, was upset by Vega in the winner’s bracket quarter-final and moved down to the lower bracket. They battled their way back to the top of the bracket after going 2:0 over Team Liquid and 2:1 over Mamas Boys, and will face Vega Squadron once again, this time in the lower bracket final on February 16. The winner will go on to face EG for the gold the day after. You can catch the schedule and the stream of the upcoming matches at Moonduck.TV.

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