Everything you need to know about Season 7!

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Everything you need to know about Season 7!

In the following article you will receive all informations you need to know about season 7.

When will Season 7 start?

The target date is December 7.


Solo/Duo Queue

The queue system is similair to the one in Season 2015. Queue up alone or with one trusted friend. The major difference from 2015 is that you’re now able to selecect two preferred positions and exclude your least favorite. Challanger tier will remain solo queue only.

Flex Queue

The Flex Queue is similair  to the one in Season 2016. You can group up to five players and compete. If your squad wants to play a serious, competetive game, this is where you play.


Riot announced an option to replay your games a really long time ago. Now with the updated Client, its finally possible to record your games or download replay from your match history or end-of-game screen during the patch you played on, then use the built-in recording tool to save your highlights as video files that can be shared anywhere.

If you can’t find a specific part of your game, like a pentakill, then there is the Annotated Timeline which will help you find all kills, dragons, barons, towers and inhibitors.


Practice Tool

The Practice Tool is like the name tells you a tool which helps you learn anything from skill combos to flashing over walls. Basically it just resets the  cooldowns, that you can practice that hard wall-flash.

If you want to work on your last-hitting, then this tool has the perfect feauture for you. It locks your champion at level one. Then you can practice on the minion waves.

Want to try out jungle Corki but aren’t sure if you’ll die to wolves? Test out jungle clears without loading a new game each time!

New Client

With teh new client there comes a new visual with a hextech design. They also fixed a lot of long-standing bugs.

Although updating the client was mostly about preparing for the future, we couldn’t help but build in a few exclusive new features for those who upgrade. Drag and drop rune pages to reorder them, or see in-game ability scaling information and change your in-game settings—all from the client. Oh, and all future features (Replays and Practice Tool!) will be exclusive to the updated client.


Katarina, Rengar, Talon and LeBlanc are the only four assassins which got a big rework. The others just got minor updates. In this topic we only discuss the new and updated abilities.


Talon’s Passive wound champions and epic monsters for a short duration, stacking up to three times. When Talon basic attacks a fully wounded taret, they bleed for a large amount of physical damage over time.

Noxian diplomacy, Talon’s Q now healts him for a small amount of health if he kills a unit with this ability.

Assassin’s Path, his E, allows him to vault over walls, but he can’t vault over the same wall for a long period of time.

Rengar (More Details):

Savagery, Rengar’s Q is the most different, then it used to be. Instead of taking his knive and deal an additional AD Damage, he now slashes forward with his claws and then stabs foward with his knife. Ferocity still just gives you more damage. You need to get used to it, since now the mechanics for this skill has changed, but it feels a lot better then the old ability.

Battle Roar, Rengar’s W, now heals Renger on a similiar health system to Tahm Kench. Allowing teammates to know how much health Rengar will get back after acitvating his W. It will heal im based on the damage he has taken. When it gets casted with full Ferocity, Rengar cleanse himself from all CC.

Rengars Ultimate, Thrill of the Hunt, also got some upgrades. It now lasts longer then before, but he can only see the nearest champion. He gains some movement speed and also a guaranteed crit when he attacks.

LeBlanc (Guide for LeBlanc):

Passive: Sigil of Malice

Leblanc’s abilities inflict Sigil of Malice, which can be detonated and consumed by her other abilities after a few seconds to deal bonus damage.

Q: Shatter Orb

Fires an orb that damages an enemy. If the orb triggers Sigil of Malice it shatters, consuming the sigil and dealing damage to the nearest available Sigil of Malice.

R: Mimic

Leblanc becomes invisible for a short duration, creating a Mimic to take her place and cast a stronger version of one of her basic abilities. The Mimic lasts only for a few moments and expires if it takes damage from champions or turrets.Mimicking Leblanc’s ultimate spawns a Mimic at a target location instead. Once formed, the Mimic will walk toward the nearest visible enemy champion, casting a non-damaging version of Leblanc’s most recently used ability upon arrival.

Katarina (More Details):

Katarina is one of the four reworked assasins. In our opinion she got the most notable changes to her kit. One of her biggest changes is, that she can now Shunpo (E) anywhere around a unit, instead of always behind it, like it was before. This jump is controlled by the mouse position relative to the target.

Her W works perfectly with her E, because she can place her dagger on which she can Shunpo on. This combination gives her more mobility then ever.

Fizz‘s shark gets bigger depending on how far Chum the Waters traveled.

Upon killing an enemy champion with Death Mark, Zed permanently gains a portion of their attack damage for himself.

Akali blinks a short distance, leaving Twilight Shroud at her original location.

Kha’Zix‘s evolutions are evolving, too. Q, W, and R are getting updates to be more suited for Isolated takedowns.

Shaco‘s clone drops three Jack in the Boxes.

Ekko‘s passive no longer slows, but Chronobreak triggers Parallel Convergence as Ekko travels back through time.

New Items

New Items



Camouflage is what we call ‘strategic’ stealth. It’s strongest when used to get around the map unseen, moving from one victim to the next. Evelynn’s had this mechanic for a while, and we’re extending it to Rengar and Twitch as well.


Invisbility can be thought of as ‘tactical’ stealth and is the more common of the two mechanics. Invisibility effects don’t last long enough for its users to move from one lane to another, but are well-suited for combat maneuvering (whether that’s within a fight or starting one). Champs like Wukong and LeBlanc possess this mechanic.

Living Jungle

Blast Cone

Knocks away nearby units when destroyed. Use it to jump into your next jungle camp, or to escape an enemy that’s chasing you.

Scryer’s Bloom

When destroyed, releases pollen across the map away from the attacker, revealing units on the way. Use it to scout for enemies!


When destroyed, spills healing fruit on the ground. Eat the fruit to keep your health and mana topped off as you roam the jungle.

Jungle Adjustments

Blue Sentinel & Red Brambleback

Blue and Red buff have evicted the smaller monsters that lived in their camps.


There are now a total of six raptors to peck you to death.


Gromp’s poison is gone, but now he enrages at the start of the encounter.


Krugs now split into progressively smaller Krugs as you kill them.



Source: League of Legends

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