Fnatic launch eSports PopUp store in London

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Fnatic launch eSports PopUp store in London

Fnatic Owner Sam Mathews has tweeted out the opening of a Popup Store in London. The popup store will be open for four weeks starting November 24th.

The Store will feature gaming apparel and gear. The Fnatic store which opened in April 2016 following a succesfuly Crowdfunding round which saw them raise $240,000 has been fairly succesful so far. The popularity of the Fnatic brand in Sweden and all over the world has been the main driving force behind the succesful hardware and apparel sales. Fnatic have a presence in a plethora of eSports. They have rosters currently active in Dota2, CSGO, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends. Their CSGO and LoL teams have been fairly succesful occupying the top position for quite sometime.

They have also opened up a Job Position for a Bunkr Assistant.

This Business Model seems to utilize the success of the brand and teams in monetizing their sales. Only time will tell how succesful the model is, but if you are in London Make sure to pay the store a visit. Fnatic have labelled it as ‘esports Concept store’. They have not revealed more details about the same, but its expected to be announced in the upcoming days. Keep an eye on e-sports.net for further news.

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