Immortals win IBP Masters 2016

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Immortals win IBP Masters 2016

The IBP Masters 2016 were held on two days, November 12 and 13. The event saw  the attendance of Eight teams from all over the world. With a prize pool of $100,000; the event held in Orange County, California was a truly memorable event to spectate.

The teams were divided into two groups. The Groups had a GSL format double elimination format. Cloud9 and Immortals emerged as the toppers from their respective groups. The Grand finals was played between the two teams.

The teams won their respective map picks and Immortals were able to put forth a strong CT side to win the first half 11-4. After that start, it was only a matter of time before Immortals were able to close out the map and win the $100000 tournament.

This event was a feeder tournament for the upcoming IEM Oakland. IEM Oakland with a prize pool of $300,000 will be held from the 16th of November till 20th of November 2016. The top four teams from IBP Masters 2016 are qualified for IEM Oakland 2016.

The Prize distribution for the tournament is not top heavy as the first prize only availed Immortals $20,000 out of the $100,000 prize pool. Cloud9 who came second secured $15,000.

Final standings for iBP Masters:
1.  Immortals – $20,000, IEM Oakland
2.  Cloud9 – $15,000, IEM Oakland
3-4.  TyLoo – $12,500, IEM Oakland
3-4.  FaZe – $12,500, IEM Oakland
5-6.  Echo Fox – $10,000
5-6.  Renegades – $10,000
7-8.  FlipSid3 – $10,000
7-8.  TSM – $10,000

As stated earlier the top four teams – Immortals, Cloud9, Tyloo and Faze have secured their position at IEM Oakland.

IBuypower have been one of the earlier entrants into Competitive CSGO and it is heartening to see them enter the tournament organisers position. We wish to see many more tournaments from IBP in the future.

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