League of Legends Patch 6.1 for Season 6 is here!

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League of Legends Patch 6.1 for Season 6 is here!


Along with the many changes coming to the world of competitive gaming such as changes in CS:GO rules the latest Patch for League of Legends has arrived with interesting changes which are certain to set the pace for ranked Season 6. As far as I can tell the changes will greatly improve the League experience, will greatly improve the synergy of teams and community thus drawing in an even greater player base for League Of Legends. This of course will generate huge fan base and that will in turn have a positive effect on Competitive play. League of legends is set to break some records this year! Let’s go through the most important changes together:

Position Select

Position Assignment, Source: League of Legends.com

Break out your best champs in your favorite roles. With new champ select, everyone is on the same page before the draft even begins. Each player chooses two positions (or fill!) before queueing up to find a team. A new feature, “pick intent”, helps everyone understand the champ you want to play and the contribution you want to make to your team’s comp. With the draft underway, a new ban phase distributes one ban each to the players who receive the last three picks, while the top two have a shot at securing priority champs for the team. Put simply: champ select should leave every teammate – and every team – better placed to smash the enemy nexus.

This is absolutely brilliant! There will be no more chaos and insults flying about after the banning phase as everyone is pushing to play that Mid or Top lane. Players will Know in advance what their teammates are hoping to play, what lanes and roles they are good at and it will make it that much clearer how to build an effective and hassle free team. This was one of the lowest point for the League of legends community as a large number of games started out compromised because of duo Mid/duo Top, two ADC’s bot or two Junglers. This is why the League Community was considered to be toxic, this is why a lot of new players quit the game. I raise my glass to you, RIOT!

New Champ select, Source: youtube.com


When exploring position select, we delved into how most people play the game and designed around what we found: most players feel strongest in two positions. So you now select two positions out of top, jungle, mid, bottom, support, and fill. You’re guaranteed to land in one of the positions you select. And yes, support’s now officially a position in addition to a role. Check out your options:

  • Select a primary and secondary position and matchmaking weights your primary choice, making it more likely you land there; you’re guaranteed to slot into one of the positions you select
  • Select a primary position and “Fill” as your secondary, and matchmaking weights your primary choice, placing you in any other role if necessary
  • Select “Fill” and join a team in any position

Requiring two positions ensures short queue times and that no one on your team gets stuck in a position they don’t want to play. We know some options (*cough* support and jungle) aren’t always quite as popular, and plan to incentivize these roles with IP bonuses if necessary.

We don’t see position select impeding lane swaps or other emergent strategies in the future, and teams remain totally free to collaborate and experiment with different comps (double jungle 2016)!

This is all absolutely pure gold! Not only are we guaranteed to land on one the two roles that suit us best but we will also be qeueing faster and starting game faster which was another issue of League of Legends on some days or some hours of the day.

Dynamic Qeue

dynamic qeue, Source: Kotaku.com

This upcoming season we’re replacing the solo/duo queue with a dynamic group queue, where you’ll be able to climb the ladder with any number of teammates, going from single participation all the way to a full team comp. There’s no longer a penalty for players ranking together, so the benefits of grouping up will always prevail. You’ll still need to be of similar rank to your queue-buddies, and the system is designed so that groups will almost always play against similarly grouped opponents (so if you’re in a premade five, there’s a 95% chance you’ll run into another premade five), but now you’ll be able to compete the way you want to.

 Ranked teams will still be available for players who want to form a team of any skill level, as teams are judged on the skill of the static group rather than the sum total of the individuals.

Before everything else League of legends is a social game. We play it with friends, we find friends (or it destroys friendships ) so I have heard a lot of players during the previous seasons complaining about this missing component. After players grind their way to 30 they have the chance to play ranked games so that they  can climb the ladder towards that elite place called Challenger. That’s all perfectly fine but before season  6 one was only able to do so on their own or together witn ONE friend. This caused a lot of problems for people with large groups of friends and therefore made players play less ranked games and stick to normal games or pushed some players to stop playing with friends and just focus on climbing the ranked ladder.

This now all fixed by Patch 6.1, as we all can play ranked games together, work on our teamwork and I bet that this is will greatly impact future ranked teams, the quality of the game will improve. Once again, good job, Riot!

Group bonuses

For those of you yet to find your trusty battle-buddies, there’s no better time than now to consult your friends list (or recruit that support who just carried you) – after dynamic groups go live, we’ll be launching with a bonus IP promotion for all parties who play together. Additionally, with Clubs and Parties hitting the stage, maybe your ranked soulmates are just one social sphere away from that push to Challenger.

These bonuses will again make players play together, will make players interact with each other and this will only add to the magic of the game we love so much. Doing anything with friends is better than doing it alone and this is where I will let your imagination wonder.

Promo Helper

When you’re in a division lower than Gold 1, if you lose a promotional series, the next time you enter your series, you’ll start with at least one win.

Ever since we released the league system for ranked play, we’ve been following it closely, identifying pain points and looking to add clarity to progression and placement. In 2016, we’re adding a new feature to help alleviate “promo anxiety,” better reflect improvements in skill, and make it easier to ladder up when climbing to your actual level.

 Beginning with the start of the new ranked season, if you lose your promos but are still able to get back into a series (demonstrating you’ve got the skills but just aren’t winning in the right order), you’ll start that new series off with at least one win. As the TL;DR said, though, promo helper does not apply to promo series above Gold 1.

Many times I almost wrecked my gaming rig after missing a promo because I had 3 afks on my team. Or one feeder , or two trolls and so on. I would go back to my division and had to give it another shot but no more! This time around, if you previously made it to qualify for a series, you get one victory on the house and you just need to get one or two more in order go that one much coveted step further.

Combined with the new reward system that will allow players to obtain old skins or champions in exchange for playing well and contributing to their team’s success will also improve the overall quality of League of Legends and speed up ranked progression for those dedicated players. We’re all waiting for the next faker or Xpeke, right? Dream bing, boys!


Of course there are other improvements and changes brought on by the latest patch but at the moment this waht really matters. hextech crafting is one of the additional components brought to League of Legends but it mostly has an esthetic component which in no way affects the functionality of the game. Social components as well to not really impact the quality of our experince but we will cover them in a future guide on “How to streamline your ranked progress in season 6”! Keep an eye on our guides , thanks for reading and game on!

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