MVP.Phoenix defeat EG in Dota Pit League Season 4 Finals

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MVP.Phoenix defeat EG in Dota Pit League Season 4 Finals

Day two of the Dota Pit League Season 4 taking place in Split, Croatia played out with fewer surprises than yesterday’s games. In the tournament’s semi-finals, Complexity faced off with MVP.Phoenix, while European legends Na’Vi went up against NA juggernaut EG.

After crushing Complexity 2:0, Phoenix went up against EG in the finals. Although EG fought valiantly in game one, Phoenix ran through them like a hot knife through butter with a final score of 3:0. The Koreans will be taking home $ 96k USD, with $ 45k going to EG. You can check out the VODs of all games at Twitch.

Complexity vs MVP. Phoenix (0:2)

Game 1 was bitterly fought, but MVP edged out by 43 minutes with the Nature’s Prophet securing a rampage. Game 2 saw MVP get the better end of pretty much every engagement, getting 5 kills for 0 during a decisive team fight at 22 minutes, and finishing the match at 25 minutes.

Na’Vi vs EG (1:2)

Game 1 was even until Na’Vi took a very bad team fight at bottom, losing 4 for a kill on Vengeful Spirit. EG kept their lead and getting the win by 33 minutes. Na’Vi went for a more aggressive style in game two, building up a massive creep army with Beastmaster, Chen, and Lycan all on the same team. Winning a major team fight at 12 minutes with aegis, Na’Vi crushed EG in only 27 minutes.

Na’Vi once again had a great start in game 3 with a 6:1 kill lead by 16 minutes. But EG persevered, getting solo pick offs and baiting Na’Vi into a disastrous team fight in the mid lane at 30 minutes, getting 4 kills to 0. Both teams play cautiously for next 20 minutes, until EG finally pushed the issue and got a great initiation on Na’Vi at their bottom rax, getting the win by 54 minutes.

MVP. Phoenix vs EG (3:0)

MVP. Forev's Juggernaut fountain dive kill on Universe's NP at only 28 minutes summed up the domination of the Finals. Source: Official Twitch stream.

MVP. Forev’s Omnislash fountain dive kill on Universe’s NP at only 28 minutes summed up MVP’s domination of EG in the finals. Source: Official Twitch stream.

In game 1, EG went for a split-push lineup with Nature’s Prophet, Visage, and Death Prophet. They managed to survive Phoenix’s signature early-game aggression, securing first blood and leading 13:11 kills by 22 minutes. Despite losing all their ranged rax, MVP fought back, helped by a string of poor plays by EG, ultimately winning at 58 minutes.

Game 2 was relatively even, until two very unsuccessful fights for EG at 27 and 28 minutes gave MVP the clear lead. MVP returned to push EG’s base at 33 minutes, completely wiping them out again. Game 3 was close until MVP stopped EG’s attempt at Roshan at 13 minutes, getting 5 kills and securing the aegis for themselves. They kept control for the rest of the game, getting 4 man wipe at 31 minutes.

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