New Creep Score Record set by Froggen

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New Creep Score Record set by Froggen

In a 67-minute brawl between two of North America’s top League of Legends teams a new record for the highest creep score (CS) in a competitive game was set today.

Echo Fox mid laner Henrik “Froggen” Hansen broke the previous record for most minions farmed in their game against Team Dignitas, scoring 764 CS on Gangplank throughout the match. This broke the record set by former CJ Entus mid laner Shin “CoCo” Jin-yeong last year, when he achieved 726 CS on Jayce versus Jin Air Green Wings.

Fox’s AD carry Yuri “KEITH” Jew came close to taking out the record himself, with a 738 CS score during today’s game.

We will not be talking about the game itself as it was absolutely sloppy from both teams . Dignitas even managed to take down second Baron Nashor and 5th Dragon at once and still had their base backdoor-ed and taken down. So the game itself is not really worth the attention but a brand new record for Highest CS is: all players should take note of this, no matter what division you play, no matter what lane you play, the economy of the game is never to be ignored as it can be (and in most cases it is) the edge you need to score the much coveted win.

764 CS, there you have it, it can be done, It has been done, congrats to Froggen and thank him for giving us new goals to set.


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