OG overwhelm Na’Vi in Dreamhack’s DreamLeague Season 5 Finals

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OG overwhelm Na’Vi in Dreamhack’s DreamLeague Season 5 Finals

The 5th annual DreamLeague tournament organized by Sweden’s Dreamhack ended with a dominant performance by OG over the newly-resurgent Ukrainian legends Natus Vincere. OG dismantled the three-time International finalists in a one-sided 3-0 series, earning $ 50,000 and their second consecutive 1st place DreamLeague finish.

The tournament began with OG sending No Diggity to the lower bracket after a 2-1 victory, while Na’Vi did the same to Virtus.Pro with a 2-1 win. OG then defeated Na’Vi in the upper bracket finals 2-1, but Na’Vi once again beat Virtus.Pro 2-1 in the lower bracket finals, and made it back to the Grand Final.

Grand Final Game One

OG picked an aggressive, low attack range lineup for game one and took an early lead after they picked off 3 Na’Vi players at mid with good rotations and a little bit of luck as OG’s Spirit Breaker bashed Dendi’s Puck two times in a row.

OG maintained a large kill lead for the rest of the game, managing to catch Na’Vi off guard time and time again. After yet another disastrous team fight at 26 minutes, Na’Vi lost 4 players and called the GG.

Grand Final Game Two

Game two saw yet another melee-oriented lineup from OG to go along with Phoenix just like in game one. The early game saw both teams get pick offs back and forth, but OG took the lead after picking off 4 heroes while losing none at 11 minutes. The rest of the match played out much like the 1st game, with OG pulling further and further ahead and easily securing the Roshan kill.

OG took the mid rax on their first high-ground push and followed up by quickly taking the top rax as well. With OG’s Miracle getting a triple kill by himself, Na’Vi they threw down the GG at 36 minutes.

Grand Final Game Three

Na’Vi picked a very odd lineup for game 3, consisting of Mirana, Enchantress, Axe, Dazzle, and Terrorblade. They once again made the crucial misstep of being overly aggressive, with their attempted gank at bottom lane at 4 minutes ending by both Axe and Dazzle dying instead.

It looked like Na’Vi might come back into the game, but their 14-minute 4 man gank on Miracle’s Timbersaw went even worse, with Miracle barely surviving and then turning the tide when his teammates showed up. The engagement ended with Miracle getting a double kill and surviving with a slither of health while Na’Vi lost 4 players.

The failed gank on Miracle characterized the aggressive but ultimately unsuccessful playstyle of Na'Vi in the Finals. (Source: Twitch stream)

The failed gank on Miracle characterized the aggressive but ultimately unsuccessful playstyle of Na’Vi in the Finals. (Source: Twitch stream)

Na’Vi continued fighting back despite the odds, picking off several of OG’s players one by one at 35 minutes, and following up with a 5 man wipe of OG at 38 minutes. But the short comeback wasn’t enough, with OG going for the death push at 48 minutes after picking off Dendi.

You can check out all the VODs on twitch.

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