12 Steps for quick and easy Ranked progression in League of Legends,Season 6!

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12 Steps for quick and easy Ranked progression in League of Legends,Season 6!

Now that League of Legends Season 6 has begun and the placements fever has started to die down for most of us, it is time to once more start climbing the fabled ranked ladder. A lot of people were left in a dazed and confused state following the placements as most people ended up in the higher tiers of Bronze, so we will talk about Bronze as a starting point on our journey to Gold (for most players) or Challeneger (for an elite few).


Along with patch 6.1, League of Legends brought us the concept of Dynamic Queuing which includes Position Select and Champ Select.  Promo helper is also something to talk about when preparing to start playing ranked games in the new season (more info on dynamic queuing and the features are available here).

When starting to play ranked matches, we all hope to get as high as possible with as few matches as possible, at least that’s what we hope for. Together we will talk about 12 things that could greatly improve our chances if we do them right.

  1. Have 2 main Positions that you can play well.

The way position select works is that it allows players to pick a primary and a secondary position before selecting champions and also it allows players to indicate to their team which champion they would like to play . This prevents the team from banning the champion you would like to play and makes it possible to establish a team strategy in advance. By knowing what not to ban and what everyone would like to play, one can make the best choice for a champion in order to better do his part in taking the team to victory. If a player is comfortable in 2 lanes and he lands in one of them, it means that he will be 100% useful to his team.

  1. Have 2 main champs for each of the 2 Positions you play.

It is always good to be prepared and to be able to play at least 2 Champions per assigned Position. First of all, in case your champion is denied in the banning phase, it comes in handy not to have to adapt by selecting a champion you are not experienced with. This all amounts once again to being able to contribute by 100% to your team’s effort. Second, if the enemy has selected the counter to one of your champs, it is also good to have a back up and deny them the opportunity.

  1. Queue with at least one friend.

Playing together with a friend increases the amount of fun you can have in League of Legends but playing with someone that knows your play style, your tactics with certain Champions and the way you reacted when being Ganked for instance, dramatically increases your chances of winning a game. If you can play with a friend and it suits your style, try to go together on Bot Lane but please keep this in mind: do not ignore the rest of your team, acknowledge your mistakes, and try to play thinking in terms of team rather than in terms of duo!!!

  1. Play as part of a 3 or 4 Player group for better IP rewards.

When queuing with 2 or 3 friends (not to mention 4) the IP rewards get better and more IP means more Champions. Owning as many Champions as possible is vital because it allows you to grab vital and important champion picks for your team mates an trade them ad the end of the Champion Select phase. This is part of a good team dynamic and it goes hand in hand with good communication. A better understanding between players is usually a sign of a better understanding of the game.

  1. Keep buying champions so that you can trade with your team.

Aside from grabbing OP champions early, owning lots of Champions lets you pick hard counters if the pick order is right. At least 2 players on your team should be able to counter their opponent. Please note that countering someone does not take skill out of the equation, for instance picking a Veigar or LeBlanc vs Karthus is not always a safe bet if Karthus is skilled.

      6. Avoid playing in groups of 5 in some cases.

Only play in premade groups of 5 only if you really know them well because the way this matchmaking works now you will surely be placed vs a premade team of 5 also climbing the ladder. You might be up against a really experienced group of guys with good synergy so tread lightly. But if you are comfortable with each other, if you’ve been playing together  a lot, by all means go for it! There is nothing sweeter than to share victory with a group of friends!

  1. Always make friends with people who play positions that you do not!

If there is one thing that I love about League of Legends is the rare occasions when I meet likeable people who play well and are really friendly and helpful. If you play with people wo are friendly and good at what they do always add them and type some stuff in Player Notes so that you remember them when you are looking for people to qeue with. This allows you to always play in good company, to stay relaxed throughout the game and avoid tension. When you are relaxed it is easier  to focus and thus your chances increase.

a funny take on League, Source: tumblr


  1. Help your team grab objectives and maintain map awareness!

While playing your lane you must always maintain good map awareness and do your part in order to help your team have good map awareness. No matter what your position might be, ward in key spots which are closest to you in order to grant vision. This allows your team to avoid getting ganked, it allows your team to trap enemies, it allows your jungler to avoid being ambushed and to see the enemy team when they are setting up for Drake, Rift Herald or Baron Nashor.  Let’s face it, there is no better feeling than a successfully stolen Dragon or Baron or getting an Ace while the enemy was trying to get Baron. Also keeping an eye on things and being there to protect your jungler while he is getting one of the objectivs can do a world of good in some instances.

  1. Always listen to your team in the Lobby

Whether you like it or not, you are stuck with your team for the next game so you’d better make the best of that situation. If they make suggestion take them into consideration. Some players usually give out vital information such as “ I will gank mid at lvl 3” or “Mid, I will give you 2nd and 3rd blue”. Pay attention, understand and keep an open mind as 99% of the players want the same thing you do: To WIN! If there is good communication, chances of success increase!

  1. Look for that wombo – combo when picking

We’ve all watched those amazing plays of ulti combos with devastating effects especially when it involves a  team such as Malphite/Yasuo/Orianna/Amumu/Miss Fortune and while a combination like that may not always be possible and while placement and positioning in game might not always be perfect it helps if at least 2 player on your team have R’s that work well together in doing as much damage to the enemy team. If more than 2 players can do it, the Gods are smiling down on your team.

  1. Always use a voice service if possible!

Using voice with your team is vital in ranked play. It makes for easy communication, it improves reaction times, it prevents ganks and makes your ganks sure to succeed. It helps your team group fast , attack, defend. By voice you cand give advice, communicate tactics to be used,  warn each other  and set up devious schemes. USE VOICE!

  1. Never flame, always report flamers/afk-ers/trolls

Never flame your team even if they are doing badly, games can be turned around even at the very end if everyone keeps calm and relaxed. Sometimes players underestimate opponents early game and pay the price but in some cases they recover  unless they are punished by their team, bullied and harassed. We all make mistakes. So don’t flame, don’t be that guy. Also, make it a point to always report players who flame their team, even if they are on the other team and you are getting a free win because of them. Next time they might be on your team. People normally complain about the toxic community of League of Legends but it is in our hands and it is entirely up to us to clean it up.  If players on both teams report a player who lost control and is behaving badly towards everyone he will be punished for it and part of the punishment is that he will probably end up playing with players guilty of the same thing. So they will be out of our way. We can clean up the community.

As I said, playing ranked League of Legends take s the game to a different level . We all want to be up there and it is not so hard to do so as long as you manage to keep a clear head, stay positive and relaxed and empathise with your team. Solo play is frowned upon and counter-productive in League of Legends.

See you guys up there!



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