Resolut1on leaves top European Dota 2 Team Empire for NA newcomer Digital Chaos

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Resolut1on leaves top European Dota 2 Team Empire for NA newcomer Digital Chaos

Roman “Resolut1on” Fominok has announced his departure from Team Empire – one of Russia’s premiere Dota 2 teams. Resolut1on will be moving over to Digital Chaos – a relatively young North American team established by DotaCinema, a popular Dota 2 YouTube channel. Roman typically plays as Mid or Offlaner, and is expected to take over the role of Mid at DC.

The 19-year old was a member of the long-time Empire team for over 2 years, helping them secure a number of #1 and #2 finishes at several tournaments, as well as a 9-12 place finish at the International 2015, which earned Empire over $ 220,000. He was arguably their best player.

Digital Chaos, on the other hand, has struggled to show any results since its inception in August of 2015, despite recruiting a number of well-known players. The team’s current roster includes Yawar, BuLba, 1437, and Aui_2000, some of whom have played with the likes of EG, TL and Cloud9 prior to joining the team. It appears that Tyler “TC” Cook has been released from the team.

Empire released the following official statement about Resolut1on’s departure:

Roman is leaving Team Empire to freely swim – his new home will be Digital Chaos, a team from North America, created in the summer of this year by the owner of YouTube channel DotaCinema. As part of Empire, Roman won 9 tournaments and participated in the International twice.

Empire’s remaining roster is now left with ALOHADANCE, XBOCT, Funn1k, and NoFear, some of the most well-known Russian and Ukrainian Dota 2 players. It is unclear who will replace Resoluti1on at this time.

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