Shanghai Major Day One Group Stage Results

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Shanghai Major Day One Group Stage Results

The first day of the Shanghai Dota 2 Major’s group stage is behind us. Day one decided the main event placement of the teams in Group A, consisting of CDEC Gaming, EHOME,  MVP Phoenix, and Team Secret. The results are shocking to say the least! Let’s break down what happened.

EHOME vs MVP Phoenix (2:0)

The day started with EHOME playing against MVP Phoenix. Despite being the weaker team on paper, Phoenix steamrolled through EHOME 2:0. Phoenix quickly got the upper hand in the first match, winning after only 25 minutes. They repeated the feat in the second match, winning in just over 30 minutes.

Secret vs CDEC (2:1)

Secret vs CDEC played out in a more expected fashion, with Secret winning 2:1. The first match was relatively uneventful with only 3 kills at 20 minutes until CDEC took the clear lead thanks to their late game-heavy lineup of Sven, Enchantress and Faceless Void.

Game two saw Secret pick the scary combination of Enigma and Tidehunter, which they used to great effect to secure the match.

Game three was the slowest, with both teams playing very cautiously. CDEC fared better in the early game, but could not reproduce their success in team fights, with Secret once again defeating them with the Enigma Tidehunter combo.

EHOME vs CDEC (2:1)

In the follow-up losers match, EHOME faced fellow Chinese team CDEC. Here EHOME was more successful, winning 2:1.

Game one started off with an exciting level one Roshan attempt from EHOME. Although CDEC caught wind of this and stopped them, EHOME still managed to get the first blood. The next time they clashed around the Roshan pit, however, CDEC emerged as the winner, and also picked up the Aegis. But the beefy line-up of EHOME, including Night Stalker, Undying, and Ursa, managed to survive into the late game and win them the match.

Game two saw CDEC pull out the unheard of Broodmother mid. Although it looked like EHOME was winning and picking off more towers, CDEC responded with pushes of their own, and won the game after two decisive team fights.

Game three saw both teams picking very differently, with CDEC going for a push-oriented lineup, while EHOME went for the big team fight potential with Faceless Void, Tusk, Phoenix, Warlock, and Spectre. However, CDEC couldn’t push fast enough and lost the match.

MVP Phoenix vs Secret (2:0)

Next, MVP Phoenix played Secret to decide the winner of the group. Here once again, Phoenix surprised everyone by going 2:0 over Secret.

Game one went disastrously for Secret, with Phantom Lancer scoring the first blood on Secret’s Invoker. Phoenix continued racking up kills rapidly, winning within only 18 minutes.

Game two saw MVP’s febby-dieu shine on Bounty Hunter, picking off Secret’s courier twice and setting up multiple ganks. MVP’s aggressive play paid off as they pushed towers quickly and claimed the win at 24 minutes.

Secret vs EHOME (2:0)

In the final best-of-three, EHOME went up against Secret to see who would claim the #2 upper bracket qualification spot. Secret defeated EHOME with a decisive 2:0.

Game one was relatively even, until Secret distracted EHOME while their Morph and Chen picked off all 3 sets of rax. The baffled EHOME immediately called GG. Secret took their signature Enigma Tidehunter combo for game two and kept the lead for the entire match.

The action continues tomorrow with Group B. As a quick reminder, you can catch the previous and upcoming matches on Twitch, Steam, and in-game.

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