Shanghai Major Main Event Day One Results, XBOCT out of Team Empire

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Shanghai Major Main Event Day One Results, XBOCT out of Team Empire

Day one of the Shanghai Major’s main event included games between 4 teams in the upper bracket and 8 teams in the lower bracket. Upper bracket games were played in a best-of-3 format, with the winner moving on and the loser going down to the lower bracket. Lower bracket games were played in a best-of-1 format with the loser being knocked out of the tournament. As always, you can watch previous and upcoming matches on the official Twitch streams.

Upper Bracket

Team Liquid vs Alliance (2:1)

Team Liquid started off their series against tournament favorites Alliance with a decisive win, completely shutting down AdmiralBulldog’s Lone Druid. In game two, Alliance focuses on letting Loda’s Naga Siren farm up quickly and carry them to victory. In the decisive 3rd match, Liquid successfully allowed their Anti-Mage to farm up a storm, while the Nature’s Prophet and Invoker did much better than in game 2, securing them the win.

MVP. Phoenix vs LGD (2:0)

Korea’s Phoenix continued their ridiculous domination of the competition with two back-to-back victories, one in 23 minutes and the other in 27. It doesn’t seem like anyone can deal with their hyper-aggressive style at the moment.

Lower Bracket

EHOME vs Archon (1:0)

In the first lower bracket match, Chinese powerhouse EHOME expectedly defeated NA’s Archon in only 27 minutes, with a final score of 29:9 kills.

Complexity vs Spirit (1:0)

In the second lower bracket game, Complexity demolished Team Spirit in 34 minutes.

Virtus.Pro vs Vici Gaming (1:0)

Continuing the trend of one-sided lower bracket matches, Virtus.Pro defeated VG in 43 minutes with a score of 34:10 kills.

Newbee vs CDEC (1:0)

The final lower bracket of the match saw two Chinese elites face off to see who would survive to the next stage. This was the only close game of the day, lasting just over an hour, but Newbee ultimately pulled off the victory with a final score of 34:23 kills.

XBOCT let go by Team Empire

XBOCT winning ameShow Global Cup #1 with Empire. Source:

XBOCT winning GameShow Global Cup #1 with Empire. Source:

In other news, well-known European Dota 2 veteran Alexander ‘XBOCT’ Dashkevich was let go by Russia’s Team Empire. This marks the second recent departure from the team, following Resolut1on’s switch to the NA team Digital Chaos. Empire’s Dota 2 manager had the following to say about the announcement:

Despite his new role, XBOCT always played his best, especially on his fearsome Faceless Void. However, team performance wasn’t stable and after some recent results, team took a hard decision to change the roster.

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