Shanghai Major Main Event Day Two and Three Results

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Shanghai Major Main Event Day Two and Three Results

Days 2 and 3 of the Shanghai Major delivered numerous upsets in both the upper and lower brackets. Most notably, Alliance was knocked out of the tournament by Complexity, Secret sent EG to the lower bracket, Team Liquid dismantled the dominant MVP.Phoenix, and Fnatic defeated Frankfurt Major winner OG.

Day Two Results

Secret vs OG (2:1)

OG dominated the first game, winning after only 27 minutes. Secret brought things back in game two with a team fight-oriented lineup, scoring a 35 minute victory. Secret sealed the deal with a victory in game 3, with both Drow Ranger and Obsidian Destroyer outfarming the OG team.

EG vs Fnatic (2:0)

As expected, EG quite literally ran through Fnatic. Both matches ended within 36 minutes with complete dominance and control by EG.

Alliance vs EHOME (1:0)

Alliance soundly defeated EHOME with the Tiny/IO combo, never letting EHOME set up Black Hole plus Wall of Replica combo from their Enigma and Dark Seer.

Complexity vs LGD (1:0)

In the first big upset of day two, NA’s Complexity took out China’s LGD after a competitive 43 minute game.

OG vs Virtus.Pro (1:0)

OG’s Sven got simply too farmed for Virtus.Pro to handle, and they had to gg at 40 minutes.

Fnatic vs Newbee (1:0)

Fnatic picked their usual early to mid-game lineup focused around Chen, and crushed Newbee in under 30 minutes, not allowing Hao’s Spectre to get enough farm.

Complexity looking exhausted by relieved after escaping elimination with a victory over LGD. Source: DotaMajor stream.

Complexity looking exhausted by relieved after escaping elimination with a victory over LGD. Source: DotaMajor stream.

Day Three Results

Team Liquid vs MVP. Pheonix (2:0)

In the first big surprise of Day 3, Liquid sent MVP. Phoenix packing to the lower bracket with a swift 2:0. Game one lasted only 17 minutes with Liquid successfully punishing the ultra-greedy lineup of Juggernaut, Lone Druid, Doom, and Phantom Assassin. Game two saw more standard picks from Phoenix, but they still fell at 43 minutes.

Secret vs EG (2:1)

While Secret won the first match after 40 minutes, EG brought the series to even with a 24 minute victory in game two. Secret dominated the early game in the third match, but EG clawed their way back with Arteezy farming a Divine Rapier on Sven. After having all of their rax destroyed, Arteezy farmed up a second Rapier, with EG deciding to go for a doom push on Secret’s throne, but ultimately falling short.

Complexity vs Alliance (2:1)

Alliance nullified Complexity’s attempts to split push after a dominating early game in match one, winning at 50 minutes. However, Complexity evened things out in game two, thanks to getting the better exchange in most team fights. The 3rd and final match was very close with both teams constantly trading kills, until Complexity kills Loda’s Spectre twice, and destroy the rax with no more buy backs from Alliance.

Fnatic vs OG (2:1)

Although OG held control in the early game, Fnatic survived until their Medusa got beefier and they could start to simply kite OG’s Sven around to avoid his damage. Fnatic won game 1 at 41 minutes. Game two was a bitterly fought war for both sides. Although OG was playing from behind most of the game, Fnatic was unable to successfully push their base multiple times, and OG finally defeated them after 65 minutes. The third and final game was a blowout for Fnatic, winning in only 29 minutes with a score of 28:4 kills.



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