Team Secret wins Dota 2 Shanghai Major

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Team Secret wins Dota 2 Shanghai Major

Despite being plagued with a multitude of technical problems, the Shanghai Major ended with an entertaining best-of-five series between European elites Liquid and Secret. Although Liquid certainly showed they could hang with the best, Secret just played better and made less mistakes throughout the series, finishing with 3:1 win and taking home $ 1.11 million.

Liquid actually lost 2:0 to Secret in the upper bracket final beforehand, but their equally swift 2:0 victory over EG in the lower bracket final put them back up against Secret for a second chance at gold. Let’s break down exactly what happened in the final:

Game one

Game one featured a very safe lineup from Secret, including Slark as the elusive carry, Enchantress as the tanky core, Tidehunter for initiation, Outworld Destroyer for the damage, and Lion for the control. Liquid responded with an equally powerful, teamfight-oriented lineup of Invoker, Phoenix, Faceless Void, Witch Doctor, and Necrophos. Secret secured their lead from early on, with Puppey’s Enchantress being key for the victory.

Game two

Game two was very back and forth, with Liquid coming out on top in the early game, and securing a notable lead. However, Secret brought things back with several adventagous team fights where Winter Wyvern’s and Death Prophet’s ultimates allowed them to come out on top. By this point, however, Secret were down two rax. Liquid continued playing very cautiously, eventually forcing Secret out of position to destroy their third and final rax before finishing the game.

Game three

Secret picked greedy for the next match, picking up Doom, Nature’s Prophet, and Clinkz, while TL responded with the classic Tiny/Io combo. Things were even in the early game at 15 minutes with a score of 7:7 kills, until Liquid made crucial mistakes and were picked off one by one putting the score at 12:7 only 3 minutes later. Secret continued securing their lead with a dominant team fight and more pick offs, winning the game at 44 minutes with 35 kills to 19.

Game four

The final game saw another aggressive lineup from Secret, and they applied pressure on Liquid from the beginning, not giving Liquid’s Drow Ranger any time to farm. Secret secured a massive 14:2 kill lead by only 18 minutes and forced the gg at 25 minutes.

The victory is yet another 1st place finish for Secret in recent history, who have been dominant ever since the team’s inception back in August 2014.

Liquid took home $ 405k for 2nd place, while EG got $ 315k for third.

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