Valve introduces the Dota 2 Winter 2016 Battle Pass

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Valve introduces the Dota 2 Winter 2016 Battle Pass

Valve has officially released the Winter 2016 Battle Pass to complement the upcoming Shanghai 2016 Major tournament, which began in January with qualifiers and will culminate with the main event in early March. The Shanghai event is the second Valve-sponsored Major to take place, organized as one of four annual competitions for Dota 2 that culminate with the summer International Dota 2 Championship.

The Battle Pass is currently on sale for $ 7.99, and includes the Shanghai Major compendium along with a bundle of brand new features such as quests, unlockable items, achievements, a wager system, and more. Similar to the Fall compendium, players will have many ways to level up the Battle Pass and unlock rewards.


Arguably the biggest addition with the Pass is the quest system, which allows players to choose from the Support, Solo Mid, or Carry quest paths; each path has its own objectives to complete every match, and eventually leads to one of 3 new cosmetic set rewards, in addition to earning Battle points to level up your pass.

The three Quest Path rewards. Source: Dota 2 website.

Winter Wagering

Similar to the previous coin betting system, Winter Wagering allows players to bet tokens which are turned into Battle points upon victory. In turn, these points are used to level up the Battle Pass, much like previous compendium. Players receive 1,000 tokens to bet every week, and earn double the amount they bet in Battle points, along with whatever was wagered by the enemy. One new additional feature is the ability to tip others at the end of the match, including enemy players.


Aside from the quest rewards, the Pass introduces a variety of new unlockable items including cosmetics, effigies, taunt effects, item effects, new treasures and more. All Battle Pass owners also receive a new winter map terrain, updated frost creep models and the ability to download replays is extended from 10 days to 3 months.

Shanghai Major Compendium

The Compendium – an interactive booklet with information and activities related to the upcoming tournament – makes a return with the Battle Pass. As the Shanghai Major approaches, the compendium will be updated with news, activities, team profiles, tournament predictions, a brand new recap section showing how the teams got to the tournament, and more.

Conduct Summary

One last new feature that is now available to all players regardless of whether they purchased the Battle Pass is the Conduct summary. This summary displays how many times you’ve abandoned, been commended, or received a report in the last 25 games, and updates automatically every 10 games. The idea behind this summary is to positively influence behavior, by showing players how they affect their teammates.

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