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Vulcun Review – eSports Betting Website

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Vulcun is a modern eSports betting site that focuses on putting the most important information at the forefront, including a very easy navigation system. From the front page on, the understanding what’s going on and what players can take part in is simple. And with the addition of a chatting system, chatting with other like-minded individuals could not be easier!


Vulcun’s chat system is a great aspect of the site, as it poses as a central place for bettors to chat with one another. Whether it’s trying to get a better understanding of different games or who bets should be placed on, this is the perfect system. And day or night, it’s always pretty active, lending to a very social experience – even for those that just want to hang out and chat.

Signing up is quick and easy, requiring the most basic information (like name, email address, password), as well as the addition of a phone number. One great addition to the sign-up page, however, is the choice of most preferred game to bet on. What makes this option so special is that it turns into the front page (default game listing) when logging into the site, reducing the number of clicks that would otherwise be necessary to follow specific games. And while this is set upon signing up, it can also be altered at any time in the user settings screen.

Introducing Gold

Gold is a currency feature of Vulcun that offers up a different way to play. Instead of putting up cash on wagers, there are many matches that can be bet on with gold. They work the same way in terms of setting up teams, collecting winnings, etc., but the gold is a site-specific currency that is used a bit differently.

Gold is earned by logging in daily, as well as can be purchased for cash through an in-site shop. From here, it can be used on wagers to increase holdings, or can be used in a “Jackpot” shop, which is essentially a raffle system with prizes that come from the Steam shop. It’s worth noting that to take part in the raffles, a Steam trade URL must be added to the account and there must be empty inventory slots, so that the prize can be sent.

For raffles, 90% of the losing purchases are returned to the buyers, and the winner of the raffle obtains their prize and no gold is returned. This helps cut down on the effect of wagering a lot on a potential prize, while allowing players to essentially determine how much is actually paid. Each gold counts as one raffle ticket, and the total tickets, as well as the prize value, are shown in real-time to help determine which ones to buy into and which ones to skip. Those that are worth more have a much higher rate of ticket purchases as opposed to cheaper items, though people often win with small percentages of the pot.


Supported Games and Leagues

Vulcun supports the following games and leagues:

  • League of Legends
    • EU LCS
    • NA LCS
    • EU CS
    • NA CS
    • LPL
    • LCK
    • EU and NA Playoffs
    • LMS
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    • FaceIt
    • CEVO-P
    • ESL ESEA
    • Counter Pit League
    • ESWC
    • Vulcun FS Show
    • ESL One Cologne
    • APM
    • IEM X
    • CEVO
    • PGL
  • DOTA 2
    • DOTA Pit
    • The Summit
    • TI
    • ESL One
    • DouyuTV
    • TI5 Stream 2 and 3
  • Call of Duty
    • Gfinity and Gfinity Stream 2
    • MLG


Wager Types

AlphaDraft supports four different wager types:

  • Tournament: pays out in a decreasing fashion (i.e., first place gets 30%, second gets 20%, etc.)
  • 50/50: half of the players win and half lose. Winners double their money
  • H2H: two players enter a pool, with the winner taking all of it
  • Winner takes all: first place wins the entire prize pool

Matches can easily be filtered by the reward type, giving players the option to choose their own risk tolerance and preferred reward system.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits can be made using PayPal, all four major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), as well as through a variety of other methods supported by the Xsolla platform, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and various others. The minimum deposit amount is $10, and the maximum is $1000 per charge.

Withdrawals require a verified PayPal account, and come with a minimum withdrawal amount of $10. All withdrawals are verified manually, which takes 3-4 days to complete.



While there are not any deposit bonuses or anything like that, the gold system is a great promotion that helps give rewards just for logging in each day. Offering the ability to play for free and still earn from it (in the form of gold, which is then used for raffles) is a solid way to boost prediction skills and better evaluate results in betting on matches. On top of this, free tournaments that are held from time to time are another great way to get a slight finance boost without the risk.

Pros and Cons


  • A chatting system allows for a strong community feel when on the site, exploring and discussing games and options
  • A raffle system and daily login bonus give the chance to win free prizes on Steam, without any risk
  • The ability to play with gold gives a realistic expectation of how players would fare over real money bets, allowing for strategizing and testing theories
  • A wide variety of deposit options gives extreme flexibility
  • Pools of bets are created, helping see what other players are putting their own wagers on, giving more information about the community’s view of each match


  • No first deposit bonuses are given
  • Withdrawals take up to 4 days (with 3 being stated as the minimum)
  • While deposits can be made through many methods, only PayPal can be used for withdrawing, and the account must be verified prior to doing so
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