How will the reworked Rengar work?

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How will the reworked Rengar work?

From all the reworked assassins, Rengar feels the most similiar to how he was back in Season 6. All of his abilities received some minor changes.

Bone Tooth necklace is still basilne and passive, but now only skills up to five. Like Kindred, Rengar has now his own unique HuD that displays the enemy champions. Each time Rengar kills a unique target, he gains a trophy and the enemy champions icon is blurried out. Each stack gives him an additional percentage of AD.

His passive ferocity now only stacks to four and is lost entirely when he leaves combat.

Savagery, Rengar’s Q is the most different, then it used to be. Instead of taking his knive and deal an additional AD Damage, he now slashes forward with his claws and then stabs foward with his knife. Ferocity still just gives you more damage. You need to get used to it, since now the mechanics for this skill has changed, but it feels a lot better then the old ability.

Battle Roar, Rengar’s W, now heals Renger on a similiar health system to Tahm Kench. Allowing teammates to know how much health Rengar will get back after acitvating his W. It will heal im based on the damage he has taken. When it gets casted with full Ferocity, Rengar cleanse himself from all CC.

Rengars Ultimate, Thrill of the Hunt, also got some upgrades. It now lasts longer then before, but he can only see the nearest champion. He gains some movement speed and also a guaranteed crit when he attacks.




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